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Digital muscles

Muscle study.
Example of what kinda digital stuff I work on.

Its Paul!

Dear Paul...

Here is you.

Capturing likeness if such a strangely difficult thing to do, I feel comfortable doing so with value, but working with just line makes things much harder; I think I instinctively stylize line drawings to the point of losing some of the original likeness of the person.

Open Draw again

I'm looking forward to changing my work schedule for next semester, I have work for the majority of the time open life drawing is happening, and hope to get in for the full time next semester.

15-20 mins each

End of skulls

The end of skull drawings! moving on to faces now, I don't do long drawings of faces from life very often, so I'm excited.

Open Draw

Back to updates, have to borrow a friends camera- If anyone knows where mine is... let me know :(
More from open life drawing, these are sketchbook+pencil, kinda bad quality, better pictures to come.

15 mins each.